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Scale / Rust / Oils / Carbon - GONE!

Full face mask with self contained breat

Smoke damage

PULSE works in tandem with insurance agencies and disaster restoration companies in efforts to restore our clients belongings to how they remember them.

We also work with fire and first responders to disinfect reusable PPE and equipment.

Group of hydraulic's filter_edited.jpg

Systems filters / parts

If your hydraulic or fuel systems are running rough or hot, it may be an indication of sediments deposited or free flowing within your components. This can attribute to significant wear and damage to your components. Ultrasonics removes unwanted materials from microscopic cracks and recesses within your equipment saving time and money.

aluminum alloy wheel_edited.jpg

Rust / oil / scale removal

All metals are subject to oxidation. Its just the way it is. with age and exposure we can literally watch that set of 1967 chevelle wheels rot away in the garage. Or see the layers crack off of that hood ornament or set of valve covers you were hoping to install. Ultrasonics gently and effectively removes rust, leaving a clean, protected surface which will inhibit future oxidization.

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